Top 10 Loyalty Programs in Canada for 2021

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R3 Marketing and Leger, in collaboration with Dialog Insight, has unveiled the results of the 5th LoyalT study. Known for its annual ranking, LoyalT evaluated 72 loyalty programs with a sample of 10,000 Canadian respondents1. Find out which programs are in the top 10 2021.

Improved methodology

Those who have been following the LoyalT study for the past five years may have noticed some changes. This year’s study offers a more accurate picture in the world of loyalty. Our team doubled the sample size and also improved the three indexes that make up the LoyalT score.

Loyalty programs have evolved significantly in recent years. The degree of affection to a brand or program is an increasingly important indicator in the degree of customer loyalty.

That is why the “Affection” index now replaces the “Recommendation” index, which was the Net Promoter Score (NPS) measure. This measure had a limited correlation with overall program performance. The NPS will continue to be measured for each program, but is no longer one of the three indexes that make up the LoyalT score. Ultimately, the LoyalT score is made up of three key indexes: engagement, behaviour and affection. The average is weighted to 100.

Description of the calculation of the LoyalT score

2021 ranking

Despite the changes made in the LoyalT score this year, Starbucks Rewards, Loblaws PC Optimum, Metro&me and SAQ Inspire still made up to the top 10 2021.

Showing up in the very first LoyalT top 10 in 2017, Harnois Energies appears again this year following a program redesign. In second place, Harnois Energies stands out from other the players in its sector, Irving2 and EKO. Together, they prove that even small regional programs can carve out a place among national programs.

2021 LoyalT ranking : top 10 2021 of canadian loyalty programs

The restaurant sector shows up in the top 10

We have two new winners: Chipotle and Domino’s Pizza. It is no surprise that the first place is awarded to Chipotle because its program has been recognized for a few years now as one of the most successful in the American restaurant sector.

This is the first LoyalT list where restaurant sector programs place in the top 10. There is an increasing number of programs being created in this sector. Four new restaurant programs were added to the LoyalT list in 2021: Pizza Pizza, Panera Bread, Chipotle and Domino’s. In five years, the number of programs evaluated in this sector has increased from 2 to 12.

More accessible technological solutions have certainly contributed to the increased number of programs in this sector.

PC Optimum, always a winner

PC Optimum, a private coalition program that showed up on the list in 2019, combines the main Loblaws banners, namely Provigo, Loblaw, Pharmaprix, Shoppers and its Esso/Mobil petrol partner. Not only does this program continue to outperform the overall scores, it also performs well in the pharmacy and supermarket sectors and is seen as one of the most generous programs.

On generosity, the PC Optimum program is probably going to stay ahead of the curve. Its perceived generosity comes specifically from the fact that members:

  • Earn points faster (especially in many types of retail stores with high frequency visits)
  • Multiply points earned with the PC Financial Mastercard credit card, as well as by joining the PC Insiders program (premium program)
Premium program : Also known as a membership program with fees, this type of loyalty program charges monthly or annual membership fees to members so that they can access additional or exclusive services and benefits.

PC Optimum differs from the Triangle program of Canadian Tire, another Canadian private coalition program. Triangle’s LoyalT score for 2021 is below average because its perceived generosity is low. As this year’s study shows, this factor cannot be ignored.

Coalition programs continue to underperform. While Aeroplan’s retail component has a decreasing number of partners, none of Air Miles’s partner programs rank in the top 20. The latter, regardless of the sector or type of business, have an average LoyalT score of about 100.

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LoyalT Study, Top 10 loyalty programs in Canada and latest trends

Web survey conducted by Leger from September 13 to October 14 2021 with 10,000 Canadians respondents aged 18 or older, selected from LEO panel. 
Refering to the Irving Rewards program in Quebec and Ontario and not the Irving Air Miles program in the Atlantic provinces