Diagnostics and performance evaluation

Performance evaluation of your program on numerous levels in order to well identify areas of improvement.

R3 proposes a 5-step approach to evaluate the performance of your program on many levels in order to better identify areas of improvement.



At the heart of this approach is the PD-i (Program Diagnostic Index), a tool than can evaluate the program on 11 different levels and generate a quantified result with respect to the viability of your program:

  • Program assets
  • New member acquisition strategy
  • Levels and complexity
  • Experiences and other non-monetary benefits
  • Conditions for points exchange (deadlines, ease, options, etc.)

  • Strategy for customer data use

  • Relevance of communications and engagement strategies
  • Level of personalisation
  • Terms and conditions
  • Program management (resources, analysis, pro-activity, etc.)
  • Metrics and KPIs (compared to the best programs)


Questions to better understand your program

Q & A session with management so we can better understand your organization, business goals, operating policies, strategy and business vision, as well as technological and operational constraints.


Measurement and benchmarking

Program evaluation according to 11 criteria that would enable us to determine strengths and weaknesses of the program, as well as elements to be prioritized. Performance analysis of the program according to the different KPSs of the industry and LoyalT study (index of recommendation, engagement, purchase behaviour).


Best Practices Index in your activity sector

Analysis of best practices index and performance index of 8 to 12 of the best programs in your industry worldwide. The analysis will be based upon 15 different dimensions such as improvement, generosity, mobile integration, segmentation, communications personalization, social media usage, and number and type of promotions, etc.


Final report and recommendations

Detailed analysis and recommendations with respect to:

  • Elements and parameters of the program (registration, marketing profile, segmentation, bonuses, and points exchange) to be improved
  • Performance indicators of the program and comparison to the industry and your competition
  • ROI improvement opportunities
  • Communications initiatives per segment and use of client data
  • Acquisition, retention and increased share-of-wallet strategies

  • Other recommendations with respect to your challenges

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