Development of a new program

Our 8-step approach.


We understand that the development of a relational/loyalty program is an ambitious project that requires a significant investment in time and money.

Which is why we guide companies through the first steps of their program launch. The success of any program resides in planning. Our rigorous approach supported by proven tools enables us to develop a program designed to meet your business objectives.

Our 7-step approach


Loyalty training

A seminar addressing managers from various departments in your business, in order to ensure a complete understanding of the issues, implications, operations, business models, as well as success-drivers.


Validation with clients (Conjoint analysis)

Survey of clients and non-clients of the company via our research partner, Léger, in order to validate certain hypotheses of the financial model created in Step 5. This step will enable us to identify the optimal combination of program parameters for future members, as well as validate certain hypotheses of the financial model, attractiveness of the program, as well as desired behavioural changes.

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