R3 Marketing joins the Adviso family!

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Acquisition de R3 Marketing (Paul Lafortune et Hans Laroche) par la firme technologique et numérique Adviso (Elizabeth Henry et Jean-François Renaud)

Quebec firm Adviso acquires R3 Marketing and expands its expertise in relational marketing


Digital strategy firm Adviso announced today its acquisition of R3 Marketing, a consulting firm specializing in the development and optimization of relational and loyalty programs. The integration of R3 Marketing is a strategic move that will allow Adviso to expand its base of expertise and enter the customer loyalty and retention market, which is still underdeveloped in Quebec. Although Adviso already collaborates with big players such as the National Bank, Cirque du Soleil and Énergir, R3 serves such prestige clients as Métro, the SAQ, Jean Coutu, Sépaq, the Royal Mint, Nespresso Canada, Loto-Québec and Desjardins.

With over 35 years of experience in relational marketing, management and the development and optimization of loyalty programs, the two partners at R3 Marketing, Paul Lafortune and Hans Laroche, will maintain their presence and active participation at the company during the transition. Having developed a number of unique proprietary tools for analytics and performance measurement, R3 Marketing represents a stellar addition to Adviso’s already impressive portfolio of expertise.

“Although we’re already well positioned in terms of innovation, we firmly believe in the value of knowledge transfer by our industry’s leading figures, who have mastered the foundations of success in marketing. In addition to combining strategy and activation, the integration of R3 will enable us to go beyond conversions, passing over the threshold and into the wider universe of customer loyalty. This transition into the activation of first-party data is essential for companies operating in a world without third-party cookies, given that the cost of acquiring new customers for brands increased 222% in 2022 alone,1 and that 71% of consumers now expect to receive a personalized experience from the brands they interact with.2 With this acquisition we hope to make Adviso one of the most advanced consulting firms in Canada when it comes to relational marketing and loyalty,” explains Elizabeth Henry, CEO of Adviso.

Cheffe de la direction, associé, chez Adviso, Elizabeth HenryElizabeth Henry,
CEO of Adviso

“We’re very happy to have the opportunity to pass on our expertise to a team of passionate young professionals and ensure the continuation of R3 and the proprietary tools that Paul and I developed over the years. This agreement allows us to offer our clients services that are even more sophisticated, thanks to Adviso’s data science expertise. This deal will also allow us to provide even better advice to our clients about segmentation as well as offer and content personalization in order to improve customer engagement and the performance of their relational and loyalty programs,” explains Hans Laroche, co-founder of R3 Marketing.

Expert de marketing relationnel et de fidélisation, associé de R3 Marketing, Hans LarocheHans Laroche,
co-founder of R3 Marketing


Adviso will maintain its current structure, while the employees of R3 Marketing will join the team and continue to benefit from the expertise of Paul Lafortune and Hans Laroche in the coming years.

About Adviso

Since 2002, Adviso has been helping companies meet their business objectives, shine and grow nationally and internationally. Thanks to its experience in multiple industries, Adviso enables its clients to resolve the most complex issues by offering results-oriented services. Its multidisciplinary team of 155 employees combines rigor and creativity through continuous monitoring and research of best practices as well as judicious strategic partnerships.


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2According to Google