LoyalT Study

The most complete study on trends and performance of loyalty programs in Quebec and Canada.

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Adviso and R3 Marketing proudly presented the 6th edition of LoyalT, the most comprehensive study on the performance of loyalty programs in Canada.

Launched in the fall of 2023, LoyalT identifies many changes in the Canadian industry and provides a clear understanding of the state of loyalty in the country.

In addition to the top 10 best loyalty programs list, the LoyalT study includes additional statistics on the following:

  • The impact of inflation on the use of loyalty programs
  • The evolution of digital and mobile use
  • A portrait of Canadian members
  • The impact of premium programs and credit cards
Some 2023 highlights


of Canadians find that loyalty programs help them save money


say they dropped out of a loyalty program they perceived as not generous enough


of members report an increase in their share of wallet with the same retailer, while 47% report visiting it more frequently


prefer to access communications via mobile devices

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Discover the top 10 loyalty programs in Canada and the latest trends

R3 Marketing and Adviso present LoyalT: the most comprehensive study of loyalty program performance and trends in Canada.

In collaboration with Ad hoc research, LoyalT will publish in the fall of 2023 its famous ranking of the top 10 loyalty programs in Canada, the main trends in the industry, as well as a special analysis of the inflation context.

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10 sectors analyzed

LoyalT highlights the best Canadian programs and allows you to compare your program to the charts as well as to other players in your industry.

Fashion and Beauty
Pet Stores

A unique methodology

Thanks to the responses of 10,000 Canadians, we are able to get a good picture of loyalty in the country, and rank programs according to their relative performance using the LoyalT score, which is made up of 3 key indices.

Affection Index
  • The program goes beyond rewards: it makes my life easier and saves me time
  • I feel the program is designed for me and has my best interests at heart
  • I can’t live without it
Engagement Index
  • I’ve increased the frequency of my visits to the company
  • I am more focused in my purchases
  • I modify my purchases to maximize reward points
  • If the program didn’t exist, I would visit the company less often
Behaviour Index
  • I always present my loyalty card or mobile app when making purchases
  • I have redeemed reward points at least once in the last 12 months
  • I always consult the communications I receive from the loyalty program

In this 7ᵗʰ edition


Top 10

What are the top 10 loyalty programs in Canada?


Ranking by key indexes

Which programs are the top performers on each of the three key LoyalT indexes (Affection, Engagement and Behaviour)?



How two years of inflation is impacting the use of loyalty programs?


New programs

What is the position of the new Moi (Metro) and Scene+ (Cineplex) programs in the marketplace?


Number of programs owned

Do Canadians have the same number of programs in their wallet as last year? What is their utilization rate?


Fashion and Beauty

An in-depth analysis of the fashion and beauty sector loyalty programs in Canada.


PC Health

All about the health and wellness component of PC Optimum.


Loyalty cards and mobility

Is mobile usage still growing? How do Canadians prefer to use a loyalty program?


Premium programs

How many Canadians are interested in being part of a “Premium” program?

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