Improvement of an existing program

Performance evaluation of your program on numerous levels in order to well identify areas of improvement

R3 proposes a 6-step approach to evaluate the performance of your program on many levels in order to better identify areas of improvement.


Questions to better understand your organization

Q & A session with management so we can better understand your organization, business goals, operating policies, strategy and business vision, as well as technological and operational constraints.


KPI and benchmarking

Analysis of the performance of the program using loyalty key performance indicators and comparison with benchmarks in your sector of activity.

  • RFM distribution of members
  • Activity rate of members per segment
  • Average spent for members and non-members
  • Evolution in time of members’ average spent
  • Annual retention rate per segment
  • % of sales and transactions tracked by the program

Detailed analysis and recommendations with respect to:

  • Elements and parameters of the program (registration, marketing profile, segmentation, bonuses, and points exchange) to be improved
  • Performance indicators of the program and comparison to the industry and your competition
  • ROI improvement opportunities
  • Communications initiatives per segment and use of client data
  • Acquisition, retention and increased share-of-wallet strategies
  • Other recommendations with respect to your challenges

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