We strongly believe that the success of a company can be explained more and more by the quality of its relationship with its customers, by the vast knowledge it has of those customers, as well as by the level of their loyalty and engagement.


ROI analysis of loyalty programs, Benchmarking and measurement of KPI for relationship programs

  • Benchmarking and comparative analysis
  • Evaluation of the loyalty of your customers and comparative analyses (by industry, by activity sector, by competitor)
  • Loyalty analysis of your customers
  • Loyalty analysis of your members (program)
  • Identification of successful loyalty programs in your sector
  • Comparative analysis of your performance key indicators (KPI) against those of the industry and those of your competitors
  • Identification of the elements and parameters of the program needing to be improved


Analysis tools for optimizing profitability of relationships and loyalty programs

  • Recommendations related to enrollment, profiling, segmentation, rewards and point conversion in order to improve your program’s performance and efficiency
  • Identification of the KPIs that need monitoring and improvement
  • Identification of opportunities for ROI improvement
  • Recommendations related to improvements or modifications to make to communications initiatives in order to maximize your program ROI
  • Recommendations related to the acquisition, retention, up-sell and cross-sell strategies
  • Identification of strategies and tactics to increase revenues and engage your current and future customer
  • Communications strategies and initiatives by segment


In-house training sessions to improve your knowledge, train your teams or just motivate your key-personnel regarding the development of a new program.

  • Loyalty
  • Relationship marketing
  • Retail trends

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ROI Analysis Tool

  • Measurement of the return on investment (ROI)
  • Generation of financial scenarios before setting up a relationship program or a loyalty program
  • Analysis of the current program’s ROI
  • Identification of opportunities to improve a program’s ROI

Evaluation & comparison tool of CRM solutions

  • Analysis and evaluation of CRM solutions on 15 different dimensions including pricing
  • Scoring and ranking of the CRM solutions in order to identify the best solution according to the business objectives and budget of the client

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Qi-35 Qi-220

Analysis and recommendations for optimizing loyalty programs using Qi-35 and Qi-220 tools

  • Development of a new loyalty or relationship program based on your business goals
  • Analysis of existing programs in order to improve profitability and optimize the program’s segmentation and parameters

Loyalty Program Evaluation Tool (Best Practice Index)

  • Enables you to compare between 8 and 15 different programs in the same business sector (i.e. supermarkets, pharmacies, fashion outlets, etc.)
  • A tool par excellence to help you develop or improve your program

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