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Loyalty Loyalty

  • Principles of customer loyalty
  • How to develop a business plan for the executive team
  • Steps to create and set-up a loyalty program
  • Key components of a loyalty program
  • Best programs across the world
  • Most common mistakes to avoid
  • Trends and sources of inspiration in loyalty programs
  • Available technologies
  • Program’s measure and performance
  • Loyalty strategies

Relationship marketing Relationship marketing

  • Distinction between the notions of CRM, relationship marketing and loyalty programs
  • Major trends in relationship marketing
  • Key principles and definitions
  • Measurement and key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Management and measuring tools
  • How to establish a relationship diagnosis
  • Various relationship approaches

Retail trends Retail trends

  • Main trends (customers, operations, payment methods, etc.)
  • New in-store technologies
  • E-commerce and growth of online sales
  • Mobility and applications related to mobility
  • Study of successful and unique store concepts
  • Communication and point of sales equipment