The only annual study about the performance of loyalty programs in Canada

2018 edition available soon!

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About LoyalT

LĂ©ger and R3 Marketing, a firm specializing in developing, measuring and analyzing loyalty programs, published the second edition of the LoyalT study on the performance of the main loyalty programs in Canada.

This study ranks the best performing programs in Canada, and analyzes the behaviour of program members across the country. The study is updated every year and this year’s edition presents 2 years of comparative data in order to track the performance of the main Canadian loyalty programs and identify major loyalty trends.

An unique methodology

The study analyzes in detail the overall performance of the most successful program based on the following 3 dimensions:

  • Recommendations by members
  • Engagement of members
  • Change in purchasing behaviour from members

An exhaustive algorithm was developed to calculate the LoyalT Score of each program based on these three dimensions, with each dimension being weighted according to a series of detailed questions.


List of the best loyalty programs

In addition to ranking loyalty programs for each dimension, this study will also provide answers to the following questions:

  • What is the number of programs used on a regular basis?
  • Which programs are most used?
  • What is the performance of coalition programs (Air Miles, Aeroplan and CAA)
  • What is the impact of a co-brand credit card linked to a program?
  • What are the intentions and perceptions of the new PC Optimum program (from Provigo / Loblaws, Pharmaprix and ESSO)
  • Which programs change purchasing behaviour the most?
  • Which programs offer the best perception of value, generosity, relevance of communications, etc.

Industry Segments

The study analyzed the responses of over 5,000 Canadian participants to determine which programs perform the best overall. It is also possible to observe the results on a per sector basis amongst the following:

Types of Programs Reviewed

  • Coalition programs (Air Miles, Aeroplan, CAA)

  • Large retailers with in-house programs (The Bay, Sephora, Metro, etc.)

  • Differentiated and specialized programs (Scene, Mondou, etc.)


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