CRM-iTM is an exceptional tool for the evaluation and comparison of CRM solutions.

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  • We evaluate different CRM solutions with respect to your needs and budget, and this, for almost 20 different dimensions including “pricing” which includes 4 variables.
  • We then rank and classify each studied CRM solution in order to identify the solution best suited to your business needs.
  • We do not sell or promote any one CRM solution. We are first and foremost, a neutral partner with measurement tools and exceptional expertise to help you make an informed decision.
  • Collectively, our team has more than 50 years experience in relationship, loyalty and IT marketing.
  • You benefit from:
    • Analysis and recommendations based on your business reality and needs, as well as any technological limitations.
    • An analytical framework (weighted criterias) based on your objectives and needs.
    • A solutions analysis that respects your budgetary constraints.
    • A comparative analysis of adopted solutions on nearly 20 different dimensions, as well as an evaluation and rank for each considered solution.
    • An interactive tool to enable you to better understand the complex environment of CRM solutions, and guide the stakeholders involved.
    • A report to enable you to make an informed decision and justify your solution of choice to upper management.



Campaign Management

Flexible use of campaign management, multi-level creative, modifications, updates and calendar consultations.


Easily create dashboards to obtain a complete overview of clients and client segments with respect to different variables, RFM, number of services used, profile opportunities, campaign results, etc.

Social CRM

Possibility to integrate customers social networking profiles, measure interactions.

Third Party and app integration

Number of available apps, integration of tools such as MailChimp (email management), Radian 6, SalesForce, mailings management, etc.

Personalization possibility via channels

Number of customized communications channels for communications purposes: email, SMS, personalized homepage, mobile, etc.

French platforms available

Platforms available in French

French language support

Support, training and written and/or video documentation available in French


Price Structure

Initial price for installation, platform configuration, dashboards and basic training

Price Structure

Annual license cost

Price Structure

Annual cost of use per user

Training and support

Cost of on-site training, 24/7 support

Data And Security

Data storage

Data storage in Canada

Centralized (on site) vs. Web or Cloud-based

Cloud-based platform or possibility of installing software on client servers


Security for cloud level data



Number of years in business


Number of years of platforms existence


Evaluations made by major technology and marketing groups

Proposed steps :

  1. Needs assessment meeting : identify needs, understand business strategy, technological environment (and limitations) and validate clients CRM requirements.
  2. Meeting with IT team (as required, can also take place in first meeting)
  3. Adjustment of CRM-i evaluation in first stages (variables to be considered, weight given to each variable, etc.)
  4. Recommendation of a “short list” of solutions to be considered (5-6) and validation of necessary components with suppliers.
  5. Analysis of retained solutions via CRM-i to obtain ranking and classification for every solution.
  6. Presentation of CRM-i results, as well as our recommendations.
  7. If required, an optional step is also available to you:
    – Consultation in the final selection of the solution and follow-up for implementation (optional)

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